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4 Quick Stress Busters for Teachers & Students

Published on June 3, 2019

With exams season here, it’s a timely reminder of the stress and strain that both students and teachers can face. It’s easy to dismiss stress symptoms and accept they’re just part of the deal, but you really don’t and shouldn’t have to put up with them – with these no brainers and low cost suggestions, you can help yourself to keep a healthy balance for mind and body.

Give yourself ‘me’ time – it doesn’t have to cost you (15 mins)

Students can’t revise and teachers can’t plan effectively 24/7, you need a break and you don’t need to spend money or go out of your way to relax and chill for a while – go for a walk, play some music, read a book, catch up on an episode from your Netflix list – anything that distracts you from all things exams, even for just 15 minutes.

Exercise – get those endorphins flowing (30 mins)

Having a good work out and getting a sweat on is not just a fitness option, it’s a healthy and positive way to distract yourself from the anxiety exam season and revision can bring. Many gyms offer special membership rates for students or there are Pay as You Go classes to try – at a local community centre for example. The buzz class of the moment for most gyms is HIIT Step – just 30 minutes of this high intensity interval training gives you a major cardio kick which will make you feel fantastic afterwards.

Stretching – good for the mind, body and soul (45 mins)

Yoga and pilates are fast being recognised by people of all ages as enjoyable options to help them manage their physical and mental well being.  They’re both an excellent way to relax and get your mind and body in tune with each other. A relaxed body leads to a relaxed mind and vice versa. Most classes last 45-60 mins and again, there’ll be Pay as You Go classes in your local area, Google is your friend here.

Doodling – we call it creative thinking (as long as you want)

A favourite pastime for people of all ages – jotting down ideas, drawing sketches, capturing light bulb moments – stimulating the mind or purely for chilling out. Doodling is definitely a positive and relaxing thing to do. Lose yourself creating abstract patterns using pencils, pens, crayons, anything you fancy – you never know, you could be a budding Picasso!

Schools sometimes like their students to be able to do just that by letting their imagination flow. We’ve a unique product from our ‘Made by you’ range, absolutely fit for this purpose – our branded personalised note books:

  • Range of cover designs to customise with your school name and logo
  • Lots of blank pages for notes, ideas, doodles, sketches, things to do
  • A5 size – easy to carry around
  • Options for enhancements to add value
  • Order from 50 up to 2,000

Personalised notebooks are also a cost effective giveaway to carry your school message and brand to your students or even prospective students at Open Evenings. Click here for Personalised Note Books