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5 Great Reasons to Buy British

Published on July 3, 2019

In this digital age where doing business with companies across the globe is at our fingertips, it’s worth remembering that sometimes, staying closer to home can be the better choice.
We’re constantly reminded to buy British, but why? Buying British isn’t just about patriotism, many people invest in British goods as a way of supporting the national economy. They’re also willing to pay more for a company or brand they trust. It’s good for social and environmental reasons by helping local rural and urban economies.  We’re also assured the production of goods takes place under excellent labour conditions and the production processes are environmentally safe. On top of all this the carbon footprint of British made goods is low.
The number of school planner companies in the UK alone has increased dramatically over the past 10 years; with the added opportunity to buy on the internet from China and other far flung countries, sometimes for a fraction of the cost – but what’s the trade off if you don’t buy British?
For the school planners industry in the UK, buying British means:

Value for money

If you buy British, you’re investing in good value for money. Compare a product purchased overseas (because it was super cheap) with a well-produced equivalent manufactured in the UK – there’s no comparison. If a school planner looks cheap and feels cheap, it won’t be valued by your students or teachers, and it might fall apart

Reliable communication

If you’ve bought goods online from an overseas company, you’ve possibly had problems with queries about your order due to the language barrier, time differences or just no communication at all. If you buy your school planner or teacher planner from Made for Education you’ll be able to speak directly with a customer advisor 5 days a week 8am-5pm GMT

3-pillars-2Quick delivery

A no brainer, produced in the UK and less miles to travel means quicker to deliver – so important for a school planner purchased in the UK.

Boosting the economy

In these uncertain times of trade (dare we use the word Brexit?), buying your school planners in the UK helps British manufacturing and employment.

Saving the planetcarbonfootprint

Transporting goods across hundreds of miles increases the globe’s carbon footprint. If you buy British you’ll ensure that your school planners only travel a short distance in the UK from your supplier and this cuts down on CO2 emissions.
Remember: Buying your school planners from Made for Education means they’ve been proudly Made in the UK.