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A Primary School Prospectus that Won’t Break the Bank!

Published on March 18, 2019

Buying a shiny new prospectus for your primary school can be a momentous task, taking what seem like endless discussions with your school colleagues and contact with your chosen designer to bring your ideas to life. You’ll start by trawling the internet for samples from various primary school prospectus designers – some will want a design brief from you (often when you’re unsure yourself!) and others will be beyond the reach of your school’s budget.

Minimising your time and cost

With all this in mind, the team at Made for Education have come up with a unique way to make it an absolute doddle for anyone in a primary school given this daunting responsibility. We’ve also made it affordable for smaller primary schools to have a professional looking prospectus design, with a minimum order of just 100.
Our Made by You range really is a breath of fresh air by offering a cost effective and easy way for all types and sizes of primary schools to create a beautiful customised prospectus design. You can order directly on our website by following a few easy steps to remove the usual stress, time and cost associated with the design and print of a new school brochure:

1 Choose your prospectus template
2 Upload your school name, logo and personalised content
3 Choose from options like lamination and number of pages
4 Choose one of our convenient payment methods

portrait_prospectus_primary_design2Super quick delivery

We’ve a really eye catching choice of templates to choose from – giving your primary school the opportunity to create the prospectus design you want, without taking up hours of your precious time and at a price you’ll be more than happy to pay! Oh and on top of all that, delivery is super quick!
Hey, don’t just take our word for it, take a look on our website and see for yourself – it’s really that easy!

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