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Being SMART with your School Planner Budget

Published on April 10, 2019

Your homework planners and teacher planners have massive value for your school – they’re vital for the day to day homework recording and lesson planning for your students and staff. You can now choose the homework diary company that suits your school from a vast range of suppliers, all offering you different products and incentives to win your school’s homework planner and teacher planner business.
To make sure you choose the best school planner company to give the best value to your school, why not use the following tried and tested analysis to plan your next school planner budget.

S  Specific know exactly what you want
M  Measure compare the features and benefits of different homework diary companies
A  Achieve what do you want your school planners to achieve?
R  Realistic are you getting value for money for your school planners?
T   Timely if you want to save money, if you’ve a delivery deadline – timing is crucial


To make sure you receive comparative pricing from each homework diary company, you’ll need to know exactly what you want in terms of the quantity, size and number of pages for your school planners or teacher planners.  Do you require any school planner enhancements and what are they?


Compare the features and benefits of each student planner company, make a short list from those who can provide you with exactly what you need.  Make sure they’re on a level playing field for quoting your school planner needs.  Set yourself a budget and see how each school planner company measures up to it.


Do your students make use of their current school planner?  Why not take a survey or questionnaire, find out what they have to say – can improvements be made, what do they suggest? The more involvement your students have, the more value they’ll put to their student planner and use it, which at the end of the day is what you want to achieve – plus your school planner budget will have been well spent!


Be realistic in what you want your school planners to include and how much this is going to cost you. Yes, the higher the quantity, the lower the unit cost, however school planner enhancements – the optional extras are usually a fixed additional cost – do your students make best use of them, do they find them useful?


If you’re looking for school planner discount, be practical in terms of when you’re looking to place your order – if this is going to be after May half term holiday, you’re likely to miss out on potential school planner early order discount and other special offers. If you’ve a specific delivery deadline, make sure you order in plenty of time, choose a student planner company who are known to be reliable for delivery.

To help with your longer term school planner budgeting, our bespoke school planner company offers you a range of multi-year school planner contracts with *fixed pricing – find out more by contacting our friendly team on 0845 200 2909 or [email protected]

 *excludes future increase in raw materials cost