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Best School Planners and Where to Find Them

Published on June 12, 2019

Being a homework diary company and teacher planner supplier for 30 years, it comes as no surprise to us that reliability is the top of most school lists when deciding on their school planner supplier – they simply want the best school planners for their school.

3-pillars-1Unbeatable price

A considerable amount of our school planner business comes from schools who’ve been let down on delivery by their previous school planner company.  They’d been given an ‘unbeatable’ price and a promise to meet their delivery date, but the homework planner supplier was possibly unable to cope with demand – so the school’s crucial delivery deadline was missed meaning their students and teachers were without school planners for the start of the new school year – a situation schools do not want to be in.

Good honest service

Over promising and under delivering is just not us at Made for Education.  Good old honest service is one of our deep rooted values and our business backbone. Reliability is key to our success and our priority is never to let our customers down due to false promises. We want you to know we’re the best school planner company you’ve worked with.

3-pillars-2How can we do this?

  1. We’re realistic

We give clear lead times to all our customers at enquiry stage; if using our bespoke school planner service, a final proof approval deadline is also agreed at the start of your school planner project.

  1. We’ve got complete control

All our operations are under one roof, including artwork, print, finishing and online ordering.  This means we’ve got it all under control from start to finish.

  1. We’ve an experienced team

A great set of people with a mix of individual talents for advising on and producing the best teacher planners and homework planners for all types and sizes of schools.

  1. We believe honesty is the best policy

We’re up front with the production of your school planners. If we hit a snag, we immediately inform our customer- we don’t hide it, pretend everything is OK, or just hope for the best.

  1. We understand your needs

You need your school planners delivered by the time your students return for the start of the new school year.  Often schools like to prepare their homework diaries into class groups before the start of the new term, you might want your sixth form planners for an enrolment week, some schools even like to have their teacher planners before the end of summer term – we get all of this!
So, if you’ve been let down on delivery with your school planners and you’re on the lookout for a school planner supplier who won’t promise you the world on a stick at any cost – but will always follow best practice to give you an honest and reliable service, then make it your mission to get in touch with our friendly team at Made for Education.

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