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Buying Teacher Planners – How to Avoid Mistakes

Published on June 19, 2019

You’ll no doubt have seen online tips about “how to buy this” and “how to buy that”, but what about the genuine clangers people can make when buying something too?  In this blog we point out six easy mistakes to make when buying teacher planners for your school and how to avoid them.

  1. Sticking with the same supplier  

    As a teacher you might already have a planner company you’ve “used for years”, but what’s to say you’re getting the best value for money? As with any project, research is the only way to start, especially when looking to purchase important publications. In these instances Google is your friend and the most convenient way to find out what’s out

  2. Being anti-social  

    Social media is the place to be seen for any type of business – if you don’t follow the relevant suppliers on social media channels like twitter and facebook – you can miss out on this effortless way to find out their latest news and special offers for school teacher planners.

  3. Not asking for recommendations  

    We all ask colleagues and friends which company or brand they use for a variety of everyday goods and services, so buying your school planners is no different.  Use the opportunity to speak with your teacher contacts at other schools – find out which school diary company they use, have they had great customer experience and would they recommend them to you.£signcrossed

  4. Not shopping around 

    Each supplier has their own unique range of school teacher planner products and services. Whilst they understand the expectations from schools for content and format – they all vary in style, options and additional components like assessment register and forward planner.  We shop around for so many goods these days to make sure we get best value for money – do the same for your school planners – you could surprise yourself what’s out there!

  5. Ignoring the pros and cons  

    All suppliers of school products want your business and will jump through hoops to send you an information pack – this can add up to a mountain of stuff for you to sift through! If you don’t analyse who offers what by creating a tick list of pros and cons, you’ll take longer to make your choice and possibly make the wrong decision!  A tick list allows you to add up scores and see which supplier is going to give you the school planner you want for your teachers.

  6. Not getting personal  

    tickYou’ll have a good idea of the level of service you can expect by calling, using online chat or emailing your proposed supplier. See if you’re impressed with their response time to your enquiry, did they fully understand your needs?  If you don’t start to build a relationship from the get go, you can miss out on that personal touch from your customer experience and ultimately that school planner for teachers you want!

So, if you want a teacher planner company who ticks all your boxes – get in touch, call our friendly team on 0845 200 2909 or email us today!