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How to Know When Size is Important – Part 1

Published on May 8, 2019

Size can most definitely be a deciding factor when buying your school planners. A5 school planners seem to have been around forever and are still the most popular size for most schools.
The A5 school planner and A5 sixth form planner are still our biggest sellers, however in recent years we’ve seen more schools look to “downsize” their school planner to either a pocket planner or A6 school planner with saving money as a priority. In these cases we suggest they ask the following two questions and consider some facts:


  1. Do we want our school planners to be used effectively by our students?
  2. What do we want our school planners to achieve?

The facts

  1. A5 School Planners and A5 Sixth Form Planners give your students plenty of space to write and record their homework notes. It’s also the best size for including your school’s rewards or praise system along with detailed forms like attendance record. We also recommend this size for primary schools as younger pupils’ handwriting tends to be larger.RCX28422
  2. An A6 school planner and pocket planner are easier for your students to carry around in their pockets, but they don’t offer as much space to write detailed information or hold the same amount of content on a page. We recommend these smaller sizes are purchased by those schools wanting to use their school planners to communicate personalised information to their students, not for lots of homework planning.

We offer all these sizes of school planners – something for any type and any size of school!

  • A5 Primary School Planner
  • A5 Reading Record
  • A5 Personalised Notebook
  • A5 Homework Planner
  • A6 Homework Planner
  • Pocket Planner
  • A5 Sixth Form Planner
  • A6 Sixth Form Planner

In a nutshell, buying your school homework planner can definitely be a size thing!
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