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How to Know When Size is Important – Part 2

Published on May 22, 2019

In our last blog we discussed size as a key influencer when buying your school planners – there’s the same dilemma for your teacher planners.
The A4 Teacher Planner has often been the size schools have favoured.  These days you’ll find your teaching staff and non-teaching staff all have personal preferences for the size of their teacher planner. On top of this we understand schools look to save money in all sorts of ways; when considering buying your teacher planners we suggest you ask the following two questions and consider some facts:


  1. Do we want our school planners to be used effectively by our teachers?
  2. What do we want our school teacher planners to achieve?

tick The facts

  1. A4 teacher planners have always been the traditional size and seen as the most appropriate format to hold the significant information teachers need to record at each lesson and various meetings – but this can be an effort to carry around all day, every day.
  2. In recent years the B5 Teacher Planner has become as popular as its larger version. At two thirds the size, it’s still big enough for recording lots of lesson information and is more transportable.
  3. The A5 teacher planner size is purchased by some schools for their teachers but more often purchased for non-teaching staff who don’t need to record lesson information, but still need an academic year diary.

In the digital print age it’s now possible to order different sizes of teacher planner without breaking the bank; for example if your school teaching staff have individual size preferences for their teacher planners, you can order a mix of all sizes.
papersizes-1We offer all these sizes of school planners for teachers – there’s something for all your teaching and support staff.

  • A5 Teacher Planner
  • B5 Teacher Planner
  • A4 Teacher Planner
  • A5 Academic Year Diary
  • A5 Academic Year Diary
  • A5 Personalised Notebooks

Psst..what if you need just 1 teacher planner?
Some school teachers like to source their own, rather than buying through their school. Again, we can help with our generic teacher planner – order from as little as 1.

So when thinking about your school teacher planners – size does matter!
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