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Primary School Diaries – How to Make your Budget Go Further

Published on March 6, 2019

Many primary schools need a small quantity of primary school diaries and have a small budget to match.
Some suppliers ask for a minimum order of 300, this can be too many and too expensive for a primary school who just need a small quantity for their pupils and don’t want to spend a fortune.
Other suppliers offer smaller quantities, however customisation isn’t an option and their generic homework diaries for primary schools just aren’t flexible enough in design and layout.

Order as little as 10!
The team at Made for Education have turned this on its head by creating the perfect solution for small orders of homework diaries for primary schools. With our superb range of Made by You designs, you can order as little as 10 primary school teacher planners or 50 primary student planners.

We’ve Made it a breeze!
We’ve Made it a breeze for anyone in a primary school given the task of sourcing and buying their customised school diaries – with our Made by You range of generic primary school diaries. It’s  so easy to order and with minimum of fuss – with just a few clicks of your mouse or on your phone.

We give your school an amazing choice of cover designs for primary student planners, homework diary templates and component enhancements like multiplication tables, literacy and the healthy eating plate to create what you need – without breaking the bank!
thumb-upOn our website just choose the design you want, then it’s as easy as 1,2,3 (OK and 4,5)
1 Choose your school planner cover design
2 Upload your personalised pages
3 Choose a primary school diary layout
4 Add your enhancements
5 Choose one of our convenient payment methods

So for all Headteachers, Business Managers or Finance Managers looking for exceptional quality but don’t want to blow their school budget, contact us and get the ball rolling today!

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