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Teacher Planners How to Order in 5 Easy Steps

Published on March 26, 2019

So you’ve been given the task of sourcing and purchasing a personalised teacher planner for your school. This can be a pain in the neck for any teacher, bursar or school office manager. You’ll say “no problem” but you’re secretly thinking “when am I going to find the time to do this?”

booksA mountain of information

You’ve got to fit this important task into your working week, but can’t let it to take up too much of your already limited time!  On top of that your teaching staff and non-teaching staff all have personal preferences for the size of their teacher planners.

Your first port of call is likely spending considerable time trawling the internet requesting information from various suppliers. This results in a mountain of stuff to sift through to find exactly what type of custom teacher planners your school needs. After spending more time working through the pros and cons of each supplier, their products, their service and their price,  the next stage is to present your findings to members of school staff like the Headteacher or School Business Manager.

Then, when you and your colleagues finally reach your decision (high five!), you then discover your chosen teacher planner company has an order form as long as War and Peace and is so complicated to complete you could split the atom more easily!
All this work just eats away at your time – so, what can you do about it?

thumb-upWe’ve Made it easy

The team at Made for Education can remove the niggling problem of not having enough time for anyone in a school given the task of sourcing and buying their personalised teacher planner – with our Made by You range. We’ve made it quick and easy to order with minimum fuss – it just needs a few clicks of your mouse or phone.

A4 Teacher Planner, B5 Teacher Planner, A5 Teacher Planner, our website lets you choose from a range of teacher planner sizes – then it’s as easy as 1,2,3 (OK 4 and 5)

1 Choose your cover design
2 Upload your personalised pages
3 Choose a diary design
4 Choose your enhancement options
5 Choose from our convenient payment options

Our entire range has an amazing choice of of cover designs for custom teacher planners, teacher diary templates and enhancements like assessment register and meeting notes pages to create what your school needs – without using up hours of your precious time!

What if you just need 1 teacher planner?

Some school teachers like to source their own teacher planner rather than buying through their school. Again, we can help with our ready Made generic A4 teacher planners – order from as little as 1.
So if you want a teacher planner company who can make your life easier, then contact us today!