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The Best Sixth Form Planner for your School or College

Published on January 16, 2019

In a matter of minutes you can search online and ask for a dozen or so free sample packs from homework planner companies, all offering different benefits, features and special offers to grab your attention and your business!  This huge variety of choice can be overwhelming and give you the added stress of deciding what the right sixth form planner is for your school or college – in this blog we aim to help with this common dilemma. In the main there are two formats that sixth forms look to buy:

1) Generic (budget, standard, “nothing fancy”, or dare we say it.. bog standard!)
2) Bespoke (personalised, customised, designed to your exact needs)

Ask yourself this question..

As a starting point based on your particular needs and budget, ask yourself this question:
“What do we want to achieve with our sixth form planners?”

1) Generic or standard

If your answers are “we need them quickly, I haven’t got the time to even think or we only need a small quantity” and you base your choice on cost alone – here’s a solution to save your sixth MFE_byyou-01form money and your precious time!
Made by You is our range of school planners ideal for any sixth form on a tight budget or only needing a small quantity – and want them quick!
Ordering directly on our website, we’ve an impressive range of generic student planner cover designs and standard student diary templates to suit any school or sixth form college. Order in a few clicks, with no complicated and time consuming order forms to complete.
On top of this, you’ve the added bonus of customising any of our sixth form planners with your name, logo and personalised content.

2) Bespoke 

If your answer runs into a list of specific wants and needs then you’re likely looking at a sixth form planner which totally fits the bill in terms of design, content and layout style to integrate with your sixth form brand, curriculum, lessons and homework.
Made for You our bespoke planner service is perfect for schools and colleges who need a student planner which reflects their sixth form values and vision.

So, problem solved – here at Made for Education, we’ve a solution for this recurring dilemma for sixth forms.  In these financially challenging times, we appreciate that cost can be at the top of  your purchasing criteria – however, we firmly believe in giving best value and consider cost alongside other important buying influencers like quality, durability and personal, friendly, honest service.

Contact us today for your free price pack and let’s help you get started!