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Top School Homework Diary Tips for Busy School Teachers

Published on January 8, 2019

So you’ve been given the unenviable task of buying your school’s student homework diaries and it’s probably at the bottom of a very long ‘to do’ list. You’ll say “no problem” to the request, but secretly you’re thinking “where on earth do I start?”
Understanding your pain, here are six useful tips for where to start looking to make the right choice of homework diary for your school.

Tip 1: Do your research

researchAs with any project, research is the only way to start, especially when looking to buy these important publications.  Google is your friend and the most convenient way to find out which suppliers are out there.

Tip 2: Get socialising

Follow school diary companies on social media like twitter and facebook – this way you’ll get their latest news, including any special offers for schools they might have.

Tip 3: Ask for recommendations

thumb-upSpeak with your contacts at other schools – find out which school homework planner company they use, have they had a great customer experience and would they recommend them to your school?

Tip 4: Compare the market

No merekats required! Each school homework diary company has their unique range of products and services. Whilst they understand the expectations from schools for content and format, they all vary in style, options and additional components like periodic table, RAG cards, Numeracy and Literacy pages – compare one against the other, who’s going to give you the student homework diary you want and the best value?

Tip 5: Create a tick list

All suppliers of student homework diaries want your business and are chomping at the bit to send you their school homework planner information pack – this can become a mountain of stuff for you to sift through! Simplify the task by creating a tick list of your crucial wants and needs and match this against the suppliers you’ve contacted, for example:tick

  • Size – do you want an A5 student planner or maybe a school pocket planner?
  • Binding – do you have a preference for plastic coil or spiral binding?
  • Enhancements – RAG Cards, Numeracy and Literacy Pages, etc?
  • Price – what’s your student homework diary budget?

After you’ve completed your tick list – see which supplier comes up to scratch.

Tip 6: Build a relationship

You’ll get a good idea of the service level you can expect by calling, using online chat or emailing your proposed school homework planner supplier. See if you’re impressed with their response time to your enquiry, do they fully understand your needs?  Start building a relationship from the get go, this will help you have the best customer experience and ultimately the student homework diaries you want for your school!

So there you have it, a common sense and structured approach to starting the buying process for your school homework planners.  Follow our advice and you‘ll be speaking with and making yourself known to recommended student homework diary companies, you’ll be hearing about their current promotions (potentially saving you money!) and you’ll know who’s offering what and how much it’s going to cost you!

Try out our 6 top tips for your school homework diaries, if you’d like to receive a free Made for Education sample pack, click here.