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Top Tips for an Awesome School Prospectus

Published on May 1, 2019

To design and buy a new school prospectus is a pretty scary task. You know it’s your school’s most important publication and there are many things that could go wrong – if you don’t get it right!

Understanding your fears, we’ve compiled a list of simple tips to help you make the right choices to create a new school brochure to be really proud of.research

All in the research

Like all marketing projects, you’ve got to start with research – especially when looking to buy this essential publication. Never forget Google is your friend and the easiest way at your fingertips to find companies who can help you

Go social

Social media is the place to be for many types of businesses. Follow and like companies on twitter and facebook – this way you’ll get their latest news and ideas, including any special deals and offers they might have.

Ask for recommendations

People buying an item or service of significant value tend to look for recommendations from people they know.  Speak with your contacts at other schools – find out which company they use for the design and print of their school prospectus, did they get value for money? Did they have a great customer experience?  Finally, would they recommend them to your school?

signDecide on a budget

Depending on what service you want will determine how much it will cost. If you’ve a limited budget then a company offering a range of school prospectus templates for you to customise is probably the best way forward. If you’ve a larger budget then you might approach a company to create a school prospectus design from your specific brief.

List the pros and cons

All school prospectus designers want your business and will happily send you samples to demonstrate their work. Help yourself to make the right decision by creating a tick list of the pros and cons for each company.  What was their response time to your enquiry? Are they up to the job in terms of format, size, quality of materials, price, turnaround, design ideas?  See which of the suppliers you’ve contacted ticks all or the most boxes.

handshakeMake friends

If you start building a relationship at the early stages, this will help you have the best customer experience and ultimately the school brochure you want! Use online chat or email the suppliers you’re interested in – do they totally ‘get’ what you’re looking for? Once you’ve narrowed it down, we recommend you arrange to meet a selection of 3 at most to discuss your project in detail.

So there you have it, a realistic and logical approach to the purchasing process for your school prospectus design and print.  Follow any of our advice and you‘ll be talking to and making yourself known to recommended suppliers; you’ll also know who’s offering what and how much it’s going to cost you.

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