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When is a Discount Offer Really Worth it for your School?

Published on February 6, 2019

Schools are always looking for the best prices and might start looking for a school planner company as early as September, or they might not start looking until after Easter because:

  1. They need to know what’s left in their annual school budget
  2. They’re still finalising the school calendar, staff list and timetables
  3. They just haven’t had the time to start thinking about them!

So, how realistic are these discount deadlines for schools?

thumb-downPitfalls of ordering too early

Some school planner companies offer high discount incentives for orders placed as early as December – this can be far too early for many schools to commit to or be prepared for.  We know some schools order by these early discount deadlines because they’re on a tight budget and want to make sure they secure the cheapest school planner deal, even if their school information isn’t complete.

Consequently a common pitfall is that personalised information to be included in their school planners for students can be inaccurate, out of date and possibly lead to confusion or misinformation for their students and teachers.

Benefits of ordering with Made for Education


We absolutely understand the timing issues buyers face when looking to place an order for their high school. They want the best school planner offers and want to include accurate and up to date information, but their timetable or school events calendar isn’t ready until early summer; this is why we offer a more flexible discount deadline than other suppliers.

We set ourselves apart from other suppliers. Knowing many schools won’t have their personal information ready until after the Easter break, our bespoke school planner means all we require is a commitment to order by end of April – your content can come later! This is far more realistic for schools to place their order, they’ll have their personalised information like school calendar, staff list and timetable ready for publication…and they’ll get a discount deal they really want!

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